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bags sealing machine
vertical sealing machine plastic bags continuous sealer equipment borse verticali macchina di tenuta

Before traditional chinese new year  our customer from Italy ordered the machine sealing band sealer for his bags with such size  5-15mm thickness of the sealing bag 0.03-0.10mm  model YX-V1000. 

The moment our work resumes after our long  holiday we started to manufacture the machine in  our factory and soon finished within one week.
The video hereafter shows two parts :

wheels for sealing machine.jpg

vertical sealer equipment semi automatic.jpg

1. videos of operation 
2.videos of installating the support and other parts.
Features of vertical sealing machine band sealer borse verticali macchina di tenuta:
1.Electronic thermostatic control
2.Various sealing effect , date can be printed, the standard shape is rhombus (embossed wheel and type wheel could be optional to change the type you want)
3.Widely-using in sealing of aluminum foil bag, plastic bag, compound bag in medicine, pesticide, food, Daily chemical, lubricating oil industries
4.The sealing is firm 
5.Liquid and solid stuff are both available
6.outer covering is all metal by static plastic coating which will never rust
As follow there listed the basic information of model YX-V1000 vertical sealing machine

wheel for sealing machinery.jpg

Model  YX-V1000 
Voltage   220V/50HZ Power  500W
Sealing speed  0-12m/min Sealing width  6-12mm
Temperature range  0-300
Max. conveyor loading  3kg
Sealing film thickness   0.02-0.10mm
Printing category:Steel wheel printing 
( if choosing the INK PRINTER the price heigher)
Weight   33kg  Size(LxWxH)  860*425*1000mm

continuous sealing machine.jpg

For more information about the various machines filling packing equipments like model YX-V1000 vertical sealing machine plastic bags continuous sealer equipment borse verticali macchina di tenuta from our superb cosmetic machinery factory,plz browse our another website business video as well as follow PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORP business website