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cups sealing machine
rotary filling sealing machine with touch screen automatic filler sealer machinery K cup coffee capsule ground bean powder

Model YX-N1500 Rotary type filling-sealing machine for all kinds of yogurt, milk, fruit juice beverage products, automatic cup dropping, filling, absorb paper film, sealing, dating, automatic box transmission. the machine use Japan Omron programmable logic controller, Taiwan pneumatic control components, Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Control System, The machine all stainless steel cover, sealing with high strength, good sealing, and low failure rate., easy clean, occupies small area.

Equipment to send cup - filling - sealing film photoelectric positioning - heat sealing - cutting film - membrane and the manipulator out all process automation is realized. Can also according to the different requirements of customers to change or add other features, such as: fruit grain of filling, connected CIP cleaning, automatic liquid level control, vacuum+UV-PLUSTM , vacuum, nitrogen filling, set of cover, air purification, code or code, cup back conveying, PLC control system, the manipulator suction cover.
Note:1. According to the customer request, provides the special design. 2. The machine disposition may make the choice.

Parameters of model YX-N1500A rotary K cups filling sealing machine two filling nozzles

coffee capsule filler sealer.jpg
Machine filling sealing without protective chamber
capsule filling sealing machine with protective chamber.jpg
Machine rotary filling sealing with protective chamber
Model YX-N1500A
Production capacity 800-1000cups/hour  (the two cups at a time, optional)
Filling Volume 5-50g
Power 3KW
Air consumption 0.5m/min
Power source 220v/ 380v 50HZ
Temperature 0-400 °C
Weight 300kg
Dimension 1300*1350*1350mm

Details &drawing of model YX-N1500A cups filling sealing machines

details drawing for model YX-N1500A.jpg

cups filling sealing for coffee.jpg

nitrogen input.jpg

Working process for filling sealing machine:

working process for filling sealing machine.jpg

Cups suitable&samples for model YX-N1500A filling sealing machine automatic rotary cups filler sealer:

cups wanted.jpg

Cups applicable

laminated foil.jpg

Membrane film for cups

filter for K cups.jpg

Filter&support for rotary cups filling sealing machine

cups in different diameter.jpg

cups for capsule.jpg

Wooden case packing for filling sealing machines:

wooden case packaging for rotary filling sealing

Packaging & Shipping

All the products before delivery should be tested by assemble&debugging engineer, wiped up and cleaned,then wrapped by stretch film to protect it from moist. The precision part need to flexible package. In addition, without standard tools, manual and other documents, and allow ex-factory confirmation sheet, the machine cannot leave factory.

All the products will be packed in wooden case. The exported products use plywood case to pack. The foot margin of equipment fixed tightly to make the machine can experience loading&uploading, the upward mark will be posted on the wooden case. 

FAQ on filling sealing machine

1. Each machine is manufactured by our professional staff production and manufacturing;

2. Production process through strict supervision and review, use a lot of the high parts at home and abroad, to ensure good quality;
3. Use a lot of 304 stainless steel to ensure food safety, can choose the material contact parts use 304 stainless steel or whole machine use;
4. The warranty time is THREE years. Under warranty, if is according to the introduction of the description of the use of case, any damage to the product, we will provide free maintenance service or free replacement, but need customer pay for the freight from China to local place. If you need our engineers to help, will be paid by customer of travel back and forth.
5. Outside the warranty period, we continue to provide lifetime maintenance services.