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Metal cans sealing machine

Tin can easy open container sealer equipment for food packaging unrotary cans sealing machine semi automatic for PET cans

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The instinctive different between model YX-42AA Cans sealing machine semi automatic with the model YX-41AA

Cans sealing machine is the design of keeping stationary for cans during sealing ,which can avoid the demage

to the cans and products effectively during sealing .

Here is the basic pictures for the model YX-42AA as below:

cans sealer.jpg

You can check the capping head for the model YX-42AA

capping head.jpg

Compared with model YX-41AA cans sealing machine with rotary cans during sealing .the pictures displayed as below:

capping head for 41aa.jpg


Basic description of cans sealing machine model YX Series

Application:for easy open cans with various shapes like round&square with the materials like iron&glass&plastic,

is characteristic of its high quality and easy operation,thus an ideal small machine in the industry like food packaging as well as drinking field.

Features of cans sealing machine model YX-42AA cans sealing machine with still cans non-rotary can during sealing

close shot for cans sealer.jpg

1.The cans sealing machines model YX-42AA is the one specially designed for cans non-rotary during cans sealing process . Because for the normal cans sealing 

it sometime flips off the cans after fininishing the cans sealing so you must with the hand stop it during sealing.The model YX-42AA can solve this unconvenience 

by adopting the specially capping head and moulds which can keep the cans stable and stationary during cans sealing .It avoids the risk of any damage to the cans and 

the materials inside it .


2.Reliable Quality, simple and convenient operation. This semi automatic can sealing machine is an ideal equipment for the  food, drinks, tea and other industries essential.


3.Customzied service for this semi automatic can sealing machine is available. According to customer different can size.


4.This semi automatic can sealing machine is suitable for small capacity production, economice price.


Basic parameter of Beer tin cans PET jars sealing machine container screw capping machine metal drinking bottles capper equipment stainless steel cans sealer capper machinery 

drawing machines.jpg


YX-42AAsealing machine
Wooden crate
Material stainless steel
MaterialPower and W ~220V/50Hz
Suitable height 30~350mm
Suitable diameter 50~200mm
Sealing speed 700~1800 cans/h (depend on workmanship)
Machine size 660*400*1350mm
Weight 105kg 
Structure  made of motor, rotation-part, major axis, 
wrench, pallet, pedal switch, rack mount.

Cans sealing machines model YX-42AA operation steps (as reference with Paper cans)

steps for cans sealing.jpg

Some of Cans samples sent from customers for testing run with our machines cans sealing listed as below:

pet cans seamer.jpg

can sealing machines.jpg

on 27th Nov cans from simon (2).jpg

cans samples from Servi (2).jpg

aluminum cans for sealing labeling  (1).jpg

Machines in plant for assembling&installation for our customers

machines in plant for assemble.jpg

cans sealing machine manufacturer.jpg

polish for cans sealing without joint.jpg

Shipping and delivery of cans sealing machine to the warehouse for Ocean Transportation

wooden case packing for sealing capper equipment.jpg

wooden cate into truck.jpg


@before delivery,machine be tested and adjusted at our factory

@English operation manual and relative spare parts offer

@English operation interface

@delivery term:30% of the amount in advance,finish machine within 25 working days,delivery after the balance paid

@after-sale service:1 year guarantee period and lifetime maintenance,as to the fee,damage not caused

by personal and within the guarantee period,fix it up for free,otherwise,for charge

 cans sealing machine manual together with machine when shipp


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