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Industry news
Prospect of China food packaging industry in next 10years 2020-2030
Date: 2021-11-12 20:08:15    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORP LTD

Most of China's food packaging enterprises are small, "small and full" is one of its main features. At the same time, there is a mechanical product that is relatively low in the development of industry development. About 1/4 companies have a low level of repeated production. This is a great waste of resources, causing confusion in the packaging machinery market, hindering the development of the industry.
Most enterprises have an annual output value between millions of yuan to 10 million yuan, and companies below 1 million yuan are still a lot. There are nearly 15% of enterprises to translate or close every year, but 15% of companies join this industry, extremely unstable, hinder the stability of the industry.
With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of various foods and aquatic processing products, new requirements have been made to food packaging technology and equipment. Food packaging machinery competition is increasingly fierce, future food packaging machinery will cooperate with industry automation, promote overall level of packaging equipment, develop multi-function, high efficiency, low-consuming food packaging equipment.

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Integration of electric &mechanic in food packaging industry:

Traditional packaging machinery uses mechanical control, such as cam dispensing shaft, and later there is a control form of photoelectric control, pneumatic control. However, as the food processing process is increasing, the requirements for packaging parameters are increasing, the original control system is difficult to meet the needs of development, and new technologies should be used to change the face of food packaging Today's food packaging machinery is a mechanical electronic device integrating machine, electricity, gas, light, and magnetine. In design, it should focus on improving the degree of automation of packaging machinery, combining the development of packaging machinery and computer integration. control.
The essence of electromechanical integration is from the system viewpoint, the process control principle is used to organsel, electronic and information, testing, etc., to organically combine, and achieve overall optimization.
Overall, it is to introduce microcomputer technology to packaging machinery, application electromechanical integration technology, develop intelligent packaging technology, according to product automatic packaging process requirements to fully automatic packaging system for production, production process detection and control, fault diagnosis and Excluding will achieve comprehensive automation, achieving high speed, high quality, low consumption and safety production. It can be used for accurate metering, high-speed filling and packaging process of the aquatic product processing, which will make the packaging mechanical structure simplify, improve the quality of packaging products. If the most common plastic bag sealing machine, the sealing quality is related to the packaging material, the heat seal temperature, and the speed of operation. If the material (material, thickness) changes, the temperature and speed will also change, but it is difficult to grasp. If the microcomputer control is used, the best parameters of the sealing temperature and speed of various packaging materials match the input microcomputer memory, then equipped with the necessary sensors, constitute an automatic tracking system, so that no matter which process parameter change, it can guarantee the best. Sealing quality.
Multi-function integration

New technology, establish automation, diversification, multi-functional integrated packaging machinery new system
The development trend of food packaging machinery has mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single-machine multi-function, multi-functional composition production line, and adopts new technologies. Such as: Multi-station bag vacuum packaging machine, its bag, weigh, filling, vacuum, sealing, etc. can be done on a single machine; several functions that match efficiency can become functional Complete production lines such as French Cracecryoya and ISTM, fresh fish vacuum packaging production lines.
Apply heat pipes and cold sealing techniques in sealing. In addition, as the packaging has progressed from a single technique steering and processing, the packaging technology can be extended to the field of processing, and the food processing packaging equipment for packaging and processing integrated.

Adapt to the requirements of the international market, develop and design green packaging machinery
After joining the WTO, the international packaging machinery industry is increasingly competitive. Foreign green trade barriers have put forward higher requirements for the food packaging machinery industry, so the traditional packaging mechanical design and development model must be changed, and the packaging machinery must be considered in the design phase. Its full life cycle (design, processing, assembly, use, maintenance until the abandonment treatment treatment process) has no impact or impact on the environment, low resource consumption, easy to recycle, etc. to enhance my country's packaging machinery Core competitiveness.
The key raw materials and their supplier catalogs in the printing ink should be filed to monitor the mass production of food packaging / container products to make consumers to buy products that guarantee safe and secure. Because thousands of consumers eat food, drugs, it is necessary to use soft-plastic packaging materials that can not only protect the contents of viruses, pathogenic contamination, but also require soft plastic packaging materials themselves in accordance with safety and health requirements, to avoid packaging materials. Pollution packaging food, medicine, so that the health safety of food packaging is just a urgentity.

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21st century packaging machine development trend

Vacuum packaging technology was originated in the 1940s. Since 1950, polyethylene plastic films have been successfully applied to goods packaging. The vacuum packaging machine has developed rapidly, and its technology development trend is mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single-machine multi-function, forming production lines, and related technologies.

rice trays packing machine MAP vacuum packaging for instant

These five aspects.

1, high productivity. The productivity of the vacuum packaging machine has developed from 10 per minute, and the productivity of the heat molding-filling-sealing machine can reach 500 pieces / min.

2, automation. The fully automatic vacuum packaging machine has a vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling disposable, mainly used in tea, peanut, shrimp, corn and other food packaging.

3, single machine multi-function. Multi-function is implemented on a stand-alone, it is convenient to expand the scope of use. The realization of single-machine multi-function must adopt a modular design, through functional module transformation, and combination, it is a different type of vacuum packaging machine for different packaging materials, packaging materials, packaging requirements.

4, make up the production line. When the required function is increasing, all the functions are concentrated on a single machine, which makes the structure are very complicated, and the operation and maintenance is inconvenient. At this point, there are several machine combination of several machines that match the efficiency. Complete function. production line.

5. Adopt related technologies. In the packaging method, it is closely combined with a pneumatic packaging in a vacuum packaging, and the inflatable ingredients, packaging materials are closely combined with the three aspects of the inflatable packaging machine; in control technology, more application computer technology and microelectronic technology; in the sealing application The heat pipe and cold sealing technology can also be mounted directly on a vacuum packaging machine, such as a high-precision combination scale of a computed-controlled coarse material; in a rotation or vacuum packaging machine Machinery, etc.

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